About Our Company

G & S Roofing Company Inc. is a small family owned and operated business located in El Dorado
County. We are a husband and wife team and love being able to work together doing something we
both enjoy. El Dorado County has been our home since the summer of 2000. We truly love the small
town feel and feel blessed to be able to enjoy our seven children and six grandchildren in such a
beautiful place.

We became a licensed roofing company in 1992 and have been going strong ever since. We do work
in many counties in California. We focus mainly on residential roofing but do commercial work as
well. We are happy to consider all work no matter what the size. We like working with people and feel
that we have a lot of skill and knowledge to offer to each and every person that we work with.

We train all of our employees to our standards of excellence. We only employ staff that believes in
showing our customers the respect that they deserve. We are committed to helping in any way
possible to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the service they receive.

Since our business started in 1992 in our sons room with one desk and no computer things have
changed quite a bit. We now have our own office with many computers, and my son has his own
bedroom. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire to install the best roof possible and
making our customers happy by showing them the respect they deserve. Even though 15 years have
passed we are still getting referrals from our first customers and we even remember their names.
They, like all of our customers have become part of our family and we appreciate their confidence in
our abilities.

About The Owners

Geronimo Sandoval:
Geronimo grew up on a ranch where hard work was necessary and required.
From a young age Geronimo grew food for his family right along side his father. He learned to grow
crops and tend to cattle and many other animals. When he was a teenager he left his family’s ranch to
find better employment to help his family financially. After a short time of working in a restaurant
Geronimo found employment loading roofs. He decided he wanted to learn how to become a roofer
and convinced an experienced roofer to teach him everything he could about roofing. Geronimo
worked hard and learned to install all types of roofs. He started working for a local roofing contractor
becoming the top foreman running all the crews from almost the beginning. He has gained such a
great knowledge of roofing that he is able to deal with some of the most difficult problems with roof
that others are not able to figure out. Geronimo is known for his kindness, honestly, fairness and
incredible hard work. His skill and attention to detail has earned him recognition with many, of course
the unusual name has helped.   

Stacie Sandoval:
Stacie’s father was a commercial roofer and she likes to say, “She has been around roofing all her
life and she became a roofer because her father didn’t have any sons”. In her early years her father
would bring home the hot tar kettle on weekends and would take the whole family to do “side jobs”.
No stranger to hard work at 18 years old Stacie started working on the roof for her fathers roofing
company, she became a journeyman roofer after many years installing built up roofing. After years of
working on the roof she started estimating. She worked in all aspects of the roofing business from
running crews to estimating, working with employee’s, project managers and architects. Stacie
started procuring contracts from many of California’s prisons, Columbus Salami, American Licorice
and many other very large projects. During these years she attended and graduated from college.
Eventually becoming a new mom changed things for Stacie and it was time to stay closer to home her
husband, Geronimo encouraged her to get her roofing license and start a small roofing business with
G & S Roofing Company, Inc.
(530) 626-4660 or (916) 205-2707

G & S Roofing Company, Inc., P. O. Box 2155, Placerville, CA 95667-2155
Placerville, CA (530) 626-4660 * Sacramento, CA (916) 205-2707
CA License #842240
General Liability Insurance
Bonded * Workers Comp.