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Warranty & Maintenance

Initially, your new roof shouldn’t require any attention once it has been completed.


While walking on any roof surface should be avoided or kept to a minimum, occasionally it may be
necessary. Caution should be exercised not only to ensure your personal safety, but also because
your warranty with G & S Roofing Company, Inc. does not cover breakage or damage to roof materials
due to foot traffic.

If materials are broken or damaged during trafficking, damaged materials should be replaced as soon
as possible to avoid damage to the underlayment from water or exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the
sun. Please call G & S Roofing Company, Inc to do these repairs to keep your warranty in tact.

For the times that you or someone else must walk on your roof please call G & S Roofing Company,
Inc. for instruction on how to walk on roofing materials correctly.

**Note: Never walk on top of hips, ridges, or valleys as these areas require much
more time to repair than the field areas.**

Keep in mind that activities such as gutter cleaning and holiday light hanging can be accomplished by
ladder from the ground, rather than walking on your roof. Ladder braces may be attached to avoid
damage to your gutters and roof material.


G & S Roofing Company, Inc. realizes how difficult roofs can be to maintain for a homeowner so we
are here to help you if needed. Ask about our maintenance programs.

Of course as a homeowner you can maintain your own roof making sure that you concentrate on the
following items:

*Clean debris out of gutters and downspouts.
*Clean debris from valley areas.
*Clean debris from wall, chimneys, plumbing flashing, skylight etc.
*Any other areas on the roof that may need to be cleaned

**Note: lack of maintenance can contribute to roof leaks, rusty gutters, damage to
roof materials, all of which are not covered under warranty.**

Please call G & S Roofing Company, Inc. with any questions you may have on cleaning your roof


There is a possibility that mildew, algae and moss may grow on your roof over time. There are many
environmental variables for this such as location, direction the house is facing to the sun, quantity of
trees, canals and lakes in the area, all which contribute to this growth.

As to date there is no technology to control this process. Fortunately, mildew, algae and moss can be
removed by G & S Roofing Company, Inc. If the growth returns the treatment can be repeated as often
as necessary.  

**Note: We recommend that a professional cleaning company be used, so you avoid the
dangers associated with walking on a wet roof.


Regardless of whether you just want your roof inspected (which should be done every one to two years
depending on the type of roof installed) or whether you have specific repair needs, you should take
some precautionary steps.

If your roof is still under warranty from G & S Roofing Company, Inc. contact us for all   inspections or
repairs so that your warranty is not voided by other contractors being on your roof.

Even if your warranty has expired with G & S Roofing Company, Inc. we still care about you and your
roof please do not hesitate to call us no matter how long it has been since we worked with you.

Occasionally G & S Roofing Company, Inc. will leave materials on site. These materials will need to be
stored in a safe and convenient place so we can have access to the materials for repairs if necessary.


G & S Roofing Company, Inc. will furnish a 5 year (five) roof warranty on workmanship and will keep
your structure watertight for this period of time without further charge. Problems due to lack of
maintenance are not covered.

Owner must not alter new installation otherwise this warranty will become void or charges may occur
from G & S Roofing Company, Inc. for repairs due to changes and/or negligence.

This warranty does not cover damages beyond our control due to an act of God, high winds, lightning
or other conditions that may happen that are out of our control.

Please remember that G & S Roofing Company, Inc. cares about you and your roof.

Even if we installed your roof 10 years ago and it is out of warranty we want to hear from you.

Let us know if there is anyway we can help. You are not just a roofing contract we completed you
are someone we care about.

Please do not hesitate to call whatever your needs are.

Thank you for trusting us to install your roof and for the confidence you have showed in our

Sincerely, Geronimo & Stacie Sandoval
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